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Sustainable Growth - Key to success

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A nature inspired      Start UP..

The first aim of every individual born in this world is to garner food. Mankind has so far grown from eating what is available to making everything available all through the year. 

Agriculture is so important industry but the josh in it is always low. The field is full of old style, primitive and boring business structures. This is where a young professional found a problem and set to address the demand with a young and modern outlook.

While we mention about the modern outlook, we aim to offer produces fresh and healthy. The experience will be holistic mix of a dynamic start up and direct from farm wholeseller. Imagine walking into a start-up accelerator to buy your grocery- the look and feel, the ideas, the innovations and the interface- everything will be an experience. The food so found being direct from farm, fresh and ethically grown to standards. After picking up all you need, you paid the best market price and walk out with eco-friendly bags to your car. This is what we want to offer to our customers around the world.

Our product range includes Coir Pith Blocks (5 Kg, 650g & 30 to 60 mm Discs) , Rubberized Coir Growing media for plants, Eco Friendly Coconut Kitchen Scrubbers,  material handling trolleys etc.,

Please join with us, let’s together make this journey- interesting!




Paypal has honored our founder Mrs. Vimala with the Top women entrepreneur award for 2020 during the Women's day 2020 contest.

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Our New Brand..

Our new brand of premium quality Kitchen & Home Cleaning products, HICLEAN, is about to launched with fanfare. With HICLEAN range of products, we will complete every Kitchen and Home with durable and efficient products. The sole aim of HICLEAN team is to ease the life at cleaning process with efficient and yet comfortable cleaning aids.
SS Sponge Kitchen Scrubbers,  Cellulose sponge kitchen wipes, Bottle cleaners, Scrubber brushes with ergonomic handle are a few products to name.  Please visit our exclusive website, for latest updates and product information. 
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